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Japan Tour Tape cover

Robotnicka : Japan Tour Tape (2016)

Our 3rd album, or rather a "best of" tape of what should have been the 3rd record back in the day... 7 tracks.

Self released

Spectre en Vue CD Cover

Robotnicka : Spectre en Vue CD (2004)

Our 2nd record after a long and painful material reconstruction... No more guitar, 13 happy as fuck tracks in a real millenium - pre - fin - del - mundo avant-garde style... 2x synths, bass, drums, vocals, über fun and so on...

Labels : Bloodlink | Irrk | Maloka

Robotnicka/Divide+Conquer - Split LP Cover

Robotnicka / Divide+Conquer : Split LP (2001)

Our "Classic Rock" record! Rather Emo-Punk-Poppy (!?) recorded in the basement of l'Espace Autogéré des Tanneries just after a tour. 10 tracks, diy as fuck sound, hoho...

Labels : Maloka | Traffic Violation | Zorlac


Points.//.Lines 10" (2007) : Nono for an Answer | Irrk

La Caravane Permanente version.0 CD (2004) : Zoomachie | La Caravane

Halte à La Répression K7 (2003) : Halloween / Highway To La Costa Del Sol! Live in Le Gourbi, Lyon

Commercial CD (2002) : Des Femmes | Traffic Violation

Au Pied Du Mur... LP Benefit for the Anarchist Black Cross (2001) : Post-Scriptum | Maloka

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