Dear crazy roboticians,

Welcome to our house, built by our beloved objects. All worked hard, honest. Get on our new spaceship for amazing adventures, put your cpu on, switch off your mobile phone, we're leaving the astroport!!!

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21-10-12: http://robotnicka.poivron.org is our new homepage, the old one is now deactivated...

22-12-07: Ziiip Zaaaap Drrrrrrrr, unit disassembled again for a few months, leaving behind us a full set of roughly mixed songs to be masterized with über power. Bling-blangs greetings to the fighters of the future: Pif, Boitel, Victor, Flo, Lianne and Dana!

25-10-07: Evil forced always have us re-assemble in Winter! December will be month of subliminal recordings for an upcoming record and subterranean shows. Be prepared earthlings!

16-05-07: We've just recieved a few copies of the Points .//. Lines 10" featuring the song Nono for an Answer. Really cute Crust Lo-Fi Pop Punk Noise piece of vinyl for and with all the freaks in the world. Features tracks from: Boxed In, Blue Minkies, Voetsek, Kort Prosess, Dumpster Dempmaster, Claque, Lianne Hall, Crunch Push-Ups, etc. Get in touch if you wanna grab one! We also have a few diy screenprinted shirts left, that's for all fashion and design fans, hoho.

05-05-07: Altogether during 10 days, demotisation in progress, intense suspense! Get into the vortex til Autumn.

02-11-06: Winter's back and the r0b0 discussed about life, schedule, murder and cannibalism among other relevant stuff. No shows in November / December. Let's study, let's map the world, let's become mutants and let's have a new set list! More than a simple wish, an amazing commitment! The world depends on it. If the world's doomed then we'll be ashes!

07-01-06: December, better than never! All the r0b0 gathered on top of the mountain. Hibernation no more, we're back! With our Berlin unit we played a benefit show for the Anarchist Black Cross in l'Espace Autogéré des Tanneries with La Fraction, Ethnopaire and Redkick. Autonomous fridge, no better place to be. Preserve the beat, heat up the synths and rock the stalagtites!

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