Here's a few links mainly to friends' websites. Feel free to visit.

: Labels :

Maloka : Punk, Hardcore, Crust, etc. diy distro & label in Dijon. News, showlist and a few mp3s (or samples) from various releases.

Les Potagers Natures : Noise Expérimental label from Bordeaux. News, showlist, archives et a few mp3s from various releases.

Stonehenge : Anarcho Emo Punk Label from Bordeaux. News and Audio mp3s from various releases.

: Bands :

Baygon Vert : Titi and Gravier's otherproject. Sludge duet.

Confused : Noise Hardcore band from Germany. Infos in German, mp3, etc.

Dr Green : Ska Punk band from Lituania. Some news in English and all their songs to download.

Isangrin : Titi's other project. Lo-Fi Electro for Dummies / Dare-to-be-stupid kinda band. Mp3s and insanity.

Thema 11 : Emo Hardcore band from Czech Republic. Info, gigs, pics and a few mp3.

Vialka : Internationalist experimental & kicking ass duo. A few mp3s, videos, etc.

: Info, Media, Ressources :

Gendertrouble : Texts about sexuality, gender... to get rid of patriarchy !

Girls Not Chicks : A Revolution in Brilliant Color ! Coloring books for kids to deconstruct traditional gender roles.

Indymedia : Idependent Media, lots of ressources !

Squat!net : International news about autonomous spaces, squat galleries, archives,etc. Just go now !

: Tech :

Debian : One of the best GNU/Linux distribution. Ressources, infos, etc.

Poivron : Belove vegetable, independant server.

PRINT : Alternative computer workshop located in an autonomous space. Ressources, archives and all you've ever wanted to know about this projet!

: Art :

BikeSabbath : The evil Captain Sabör's website! Posters, booklets and record covers' galleries. Have fun!